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Summary of Best Practices & Best Approaches to Relationship Building & Fundraising

(Compiled by Graceful Fundraising; sourced with Zen of Fundraising,
ASU, Chronicle of Philanthropy & Nancy Grace experience)

 Stay educated and informed about the Development Industry (the world of persuasive communication is changing at a rapid pace)

 See EVERYTHING through the donors' eyes (only way to build mutually beneficial relationships)

 Utilize Customer Service techniques as if you were a sales person and your life depended on it-timely responsiveness is top of the list!

 Be choosy about which people you commit time to build the relationship with (a one-time giver is a ‘responder' not yet a donor)

 Embrace a mind-set of Communication not Marketing: donors don't like to be sold to; they never did-they want to be informed

 Send out only effective, imaginative communication (figure out what the audience wants to hear about what you do-rather than sole fixation on what you want to say)

 Become a listening and hearing organization-actively seek out your donor's views and look at all interactions as opportunity to have dialogue (not monologue)

 Do everything possible to learn about what motivates your donors-what attracted them in the first place-ask!

 Ask donors to decide when and how often they would like to hear from us (advancing the notion of customization and personalization; now known as "Permission Marketing")